Solo in Montana's Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness - Photo Essay

Last week, Shaun went solo into the Absaroka Beartooth wilderness of Southwest Montana to get away for a while, do a little fishing, and field test our new backcountry food lineup.  At 944,000 acres, the “A-B” is one of the largest wilderness areas in the Continental US; larger than Yosemite, and similar in size to Glacier National Park!  The trip was marked by lots of sun, wind, and one close encounter with a mountain goat.  Seriously close, like 5 yards away.  It was an incredible trip, enjoy the pictures! 


 Steam rolling off of buffalo early in the morning, Lamar Valley YNP

 Montana Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness

Looking into the heart of the A-B Wilderness


Montana Brook Trout

 Large male brook trout taken on an olive maribou jig


 Aspen Fleabane wildflowers


Shaun Durkee Beartooths

Alpen Fuel owner Shaun working on his selfie technique


Montana Beartooths

Sunset at an alpine lake


Peak Refuel

Sneaking in a Peak Refuel dinner in between storms


High mountain lake

One of the over 900 mountain lakes in the A-B Wilderness



  • Great Pics. Will need to look into this area for next summer. Any chance you can supply a gear list?

    Chuck Rummel
  • Hey John thanks for the helpful feedback. This is an amazing area for sure. I was aware of the 100’ restriction but honestly completely forgot about it in my search for a campsite, as this site was the only flat spot around! We will keep it in mind going forward thanks for the reminder. :)

    Shaun Durkee
  • Wow! Great looking trip Shaun, peaks my interest and desire to go there, have always wanted to visit the A-B now more than ever. (BTW – you may get some feedback for camping too close to the lake – suppose to be 100’ or more, and camping on non-durable surfaces, i.e. meadow, grass, vegetation. Please feel free to edit our this comment if you want to publish my comments).

    John Kleinfelter

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