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When Alpen Fuel initially reached out to Peak Refuel with our backcountry food store and subscription program idea, Peak Refuel immediately sent us a box containing all six of their freeze dried meals.  After tasting the food and making the easy decision to carry Peak Refuel in our store, we asked Travis Christofferson, VP of Sales, a little more about their company and what sets them apart.

Who started the company?  Peak Refuel was started by four outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about two things, great food and the outdoors.  We used our combined 50 years experience in the freeze dried world to help create high quality backpacking meals with premium ingredients that deliver a gourmet taste in the backcountry.

What year did Peak Refuel start?  2018
Where is the company located?  American Fork, Utah
Peak Refuel
What sets your products apart from other brands?  Peak Refuel uses 100% real meat in all of our meals.  We do not use TVP or any fake meat substitutes.  We source high quality non-gmo ingredients in order to create all of our products.
What can we expect from Peak Refuel in 2019?  We will be adding more flavors to our lineup in 2019.  We continue to push ourselves in order to deliver high quality meals that passionate outdoor enthusiasts deserve while on the trail.

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