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BGood Bars of Joseph Idaho was founded by Judy Goodman.  In 1984 Judy took her first extensive hike in the Eagle Cap Wilderness during a break from Graduate School.  She packed along some homemade energy bars during that first trek to Ice Lake.  Fast forward over 30 years - Judy finished graduate school and had a 20 year career working as a Fisheries Research Biologist in Washington and Idaho.  She raised a daughter, lived on a ranch, worked in a bank, moved to Joseph, was stalked by a mountain lion (and lived to tell about it), worked in another bank, worked as a cook, a Barista and as a Chocolatier.  During all those years of hiking, skiing, backpacking, mountain living, cooking, raising a family, and working outdoors in nature, the BGood Bar never left Judy's side.  It has changed and evolved just like Judy and finally returned to the mountains of North Eastern Oregon.

In the winter of 2019, the Cranberry Hemp BGood Bar won the Good Foods Foundation national award for best snack bar in America.

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