Alpen Fuel Outfitter and Guide Program


"Alpen Fuel has changed the game for backcountry breakfasts. High-quality ingredients, lightweight and compact packaging, fantastic flavors and industry-leading calorie counts… There’s simply nothing else that compares.

Nolan Osborne
Professional Hunting Guide
Editor for Journal of Mountain Hunting


"I've tried every brand of freeze-dried meal on the market, and hands down the Alpen Fuel Caramel Apple Granola Breakfast is my favorite go-to meal. Whether you’re counting every calorie or ounce or both, it’s a must-have no-brainer to be on your menu. No matter where or what I’m hunting, you’ll find it in my pack."

Justin Shaffer
KUIU Guide & Outfitter Senior Director


"For a guide who spends on average 100 days in the field and has for the past 20 years, these are the best meals I have ever found. The weight to calorie ratio is second to none and there isn't much excess packaging making your 10-day trash bag a lot smaller. I will only have Alpen Fuel in my pack for breakfasts anymore!"

Tony Marchini
Hidden Alaska Guides & Outfitters



If your office is a tent and you need high quality fuel to start your day, you are in the right place!  The Alpen Fuel Outfitter and Guide program is open to all of the following who have a mailing address in the USA or Canada:

  • hunting, fishing, backpacking guides/outfitters
  • wildland firefighters
  • other outdoor professionals (e.g. Search and Rescue, photographers, etc.) who spend a large portion of their time in the backcountry

Once we review and approve your application, we will email details about how to proceed.


By applying, you agree the to the following:

  • All applications are subject to approval by Alpen Fuel.
  • Applicants must have a mailing address in the USA or Canada.
  • Outfitter and Guide Program members are not eligible for the Alpen Fuel Rewards Program (this program is for the general public).
  • Members may only use the program to purchase food for approved outfitters/guides and their clients.
  • Discount rates are subject to change at any time by Alpen Fuel.
  • Approved program members may be terminated for any reason at any time due at the discretion of Alpen Fuel.
  • Product samples are available upon request.


USA Mailing Address - 20% off all Alpen Fuel backpacking meals and Trail Cookies + free shipping (USPS or FedEx Ground).  Minimum order of $100.  Allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Canada Mailing Address - 30% off all Alpen Fuel backpacking meals and Trail Cookies.  Outfitter/guide pays shipping (we typically use FedEx Ground) and duties/taxes.  Minimum order of $100.  Allow 10-14 days for delivery.  Shipping quotes provided upon request.


Email Shaun at  For the subject line, use the words "Outfitter and Guide Application" followed by your full name.  In the email, please include your:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Name of outfitter, guiding operation, or wildland fire crew you work for
  • Location
  • If you are a hunting or fishing guide, what species do you guide for?
  • Picture of recent pay stub or guide license