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Bargain bin items are products we no longer plan on carrying, or are nearly at or slightly past their 'best by' date.  They are discounted steeply to save you some money and put fuel in your pack!

-Alpen Fuel Bulk Granola.  We made too much and couldn't sell it in time!  10oz packages of our amazing granola without powdered milk or freeze dried fruit.  Best by date of 3/8/21 to 4/1/21.

-Protein Pucks.  Lots of calories per oz!  Best by date Fall 2021.

-Trail Butter 4.5oz.  Amazing nut butter with resealable cap!  Best by date Fall 2021.

-Untapped Waffles - 4 pack of waffles.  Best by date 12/30/21to 5/25/22.

-Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews 2-Pack - Best by April 2022.

-Pyro Putty.  Amazing firestarter that burns through wind and rain.  Closeout.  Use the Winter Blend for temperatures between -20 to 70 degrees F, and Summer Blend for temperatures between 40 and 110 degrees F.