In the summer of 2018 we were preparing for a weeklong backpacking trip in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana.  We wanted to try some healthy new food options from new backcountry brands.  But since there wasn't an online resource where we could efficiently get everything at once, we once again settled for whatever the local stores had on hand.  Does this sound familiar?  We figured there had to be a better way to quickly and economically purchase all of the food products needed for a backcountry trip.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to be the best food resource for your backcountry adventures.  We will start by offering two subscription box programs in 2019.  One will be meal oriented (breakfast and dinner meals, with some snacks), and the other will be snack oriented (energy bars, snack bars, jerky, supplements, coffee).  As we progress through 2019, our online store will also begin stocking lightweight, high quality backcountry fuel products from a wide variety of companies for normal retail sales.

Whether you want a monthly surprise with a subscription box, or need a reliable one-stop shop for purchasing all of your food at once, we have you covered!  Check out our FAQ page to learn more details.

Our Team

Alpen Fuel was founded in September 2018 by Shaun Durkee of Bozeman, Montana.  Shaun is a lifelong outdoorsman who spends his free time backpacking, fishing, and hunting throughout Montana.  He started backpacking in high school and carried Hot Pockets and t-bone steaks on his first trip.

Shaun's wife Emily Durkee is the Alpen Fuel Store Manager.  Emily is originally from Wyoming and enjoys camping, hiking, and fly-fishing small streams with her husband and two young children.