About Alpen Fuel

Shaun and Emily Durkee

Hey! We are Shaun and Emily Durkee, the owners and entire team of Alpen Fuel. We started Alpen Fuel in 2018 as a side hustle while Shaun worked his day job as a manufacturing engineer for an optics company in Bozeman, Montana. At first, we stocked our online store with many different backcountry food products from cottage brands. In June of 2020, Shaun was laid off from his job as a result of the economic downturn surrounding COVID-19.

After being laid off, we decided to pursue our passion - grow Alpen Fuel into a full time business! We started by launching four flavors of high octane breakfast granola in the fall of 2020. Since then, we added two new breakfast flavors and quickly outgrew our rented kitchen space. Within the last few months, we finished building our own 2,300 square foot manufacturing facility. Alpen Fuel products are now sold in over 60 locations throughout the United States and Canada!