Meal Planner Presets

If you aren't sure where to begin with meal planning, check out our preloaded plans!  Each plan contains a combination of products from the Alpen Fuel store and products that you can grab from your pantry or local grocery store (marked as custom).  Each plan is intended to be a starting point.  You can add or subtract items based on your dietary needs and preferences.  If you want to add or edit items that aren't in the Alpen Fuel store, just add or modify the items noted as custom!

Shaun's Favorites Meal Plan

After several years of trial and error, Alpen Fuel owner Shaun narrowed down his meal planning to a few tried and true options.  These food products provide tons of clean burning energy without adding bulk or or excess weight to your pack.  If you are 180lbs+ or have a huge appetite you may want even more calories per day!

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General Backpacking Meal Plan

This meal plan is a great starting point for anyone going on a multi-day backpacking trip.

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High Calorie Meal Plan

When you are going on an intense trek or going backcountry hunting, you need a little more fuel in the tank.  Try this plan to keep energized mile after mile.

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Stoveless Meal Plan

Going without a stove has many advantages.  It's makes meal prep super easy and often times can lighten your pack as you don't need a stove, fuel, or utensils.  Even if you don't commit to an entirely stoveless meal plan, taking along a few no cook options can pay off when you are hunkered down in poor weather and don't want to break out the stove.

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