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Each of Alpen Fuel's backcountry brands has an inspiring story to tell.  Tioga Rise is no different.  We interviewed Bret Wiest, one of the co-founders of this great new brand in order to learn how they started, and where they are headed!

Who started the company? Co-founded by Bret Wiest and Jimmy McKinney

What year did Tioga Rise start? The idea came about in 2016. We formed the company in spring of 2017, and launched in June 2018.

Where is Tioga Rise located? Central Pennsylvania.

How many people work for the company? Currently just Jimmy and I but we have lots of help from our wives, family, and friends.

Tell us a little bit of the story behind how Tioga Rise started. I had the idea for Tioga Rise on a backcountry elk hunting trip in Idaho in the fall of 2016. I wanted an instant coffee that tasted better in a light and portable package from a company that supported hunting and fishing. I partnered up with Jimmy and we ran with the idea from there.

What sets your coffee apart from other brands? It is made from 100% arabica beans, dissolves in hot or cold water, and comes in waterproof single serve packets.

Tioga Rise Coffee

What is the most difficult thing you have encountered so far in starting and growing your business? Getting people to believe that instant coffee can taste good!

Your website mentions that a portion of your profits benefit conservation. What groups do you support? I am on the Board of the PA Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  Tioga Rise supports groups such as BHA and grassroots projects such as habitat improvements.

What can we expect from Tioga Rise in 2019? We are looking to continue to grow and be the go-to instant coffee for the adventures of all outdoor enthusiasts! From a product standpoint we want to continue to develop different blends and packaging efficiencies.

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